Terms of Service

BOOM FPV is owned and operated from New York state and is therefore subject to federal, local, and state laws and regulations. We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions, policies, at any time and without notice. By using this website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Happy flying!

Notice of Warning

Building, flying, and repairing quadcopters, multirotors, airplanes, or helicopters involves a specialized degree of technical skills and knowledge. It is always advisable to remove propellers before you repair, test, build, or perform any work on your craft. Spinning propellers are extremely dangerous and can cause physical harm to you and/or bystanders. Operate your crafts with extreme caution.


BOOM FPV does not offer any sort of warranty on any of the products within this store, unless it is implied by the manufacturer that a warranty exists. In this case, BOOM FPV will make every reasonable accommodation to offer warranty service directly. However, in the event BOOM FPV cannot fulfill this commitment, all warranties and communications will be handled with the manufacturer directly by the customer/user/buyer/you.This will be your responsibility.


BOOM FPV cannot be held liable for any damages or destruction to property or harm to yourself and others. When products are purchased from this store, you assume all risks involved. Furthermore, it is expected that you operate said products with appropriate care and follow all local, state, and federal laws or regulations that are applicable.

Faulty Items

If it is deemed that the item purchased is faulty as part of the manufacturing process, BOOM FPV will make every reasonable accommodation to repair, replace,or assist you with contacting the manufacturer. Our goal is customer satisfaction and keeping you in the air! However, items incorrectly installed, mistreated, mishandled, abused, or damaged as consequential to the failure of a purchased product, will not be of liability for BOOM FPV. Due to the nature of soldering, programming, and building multirotors, if you solder a component or part that you purchased from us, you own it. Said parts will not be available for exchange, refund, or return unless BOOM FPV determines the part to be faulty. Remember, customer satisfaction and keeping you in the air is our number one priority.

FPV Compliance

The use and operation of FPV equipment may require special licenses or permits in some countries for legal use. The USA requires a HAM radio license to operate FPV transmitting equipment. It is  your responsibility to be certain the products that you purchase from BOOM FPV meet the requirements that are imposed by the government of your country. Do no purchase products from BOOM FPV if you are unsure of your government's requirements or your own ability to 100% comply with the legal use of the products you purchase from BOOM FPV. Under no circumstances can BOOM FPV be held responsible for your actions regarding the legal use of any product purchased from BOOM FPV. All products sold by BOOM FPV are sold without any claims of suitability, legality, or the compliance governed by the country in which you operate.